Since last October we have completed a number of great gigs in and around Scotland and the UK.

Over the winter we have been recording our new CD at Watercolour Music studios at Ardgour in the Scottish Highlands.

A truly sensational location and fantastic studio. Produced by Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy, with additional fiddle parts recorded in San Francisco by the truly wonderful fiddler Howard Booster.

Other guest musicians are the amazing Melodeonist Frank Lee from Brampton in England, the inimitable Stevie Lawrence with percussion and bouzouki, and our musical amigo singer/songwriter Andy Shanks from St Cyrus in the North east of Scotland.

All sounding just great, and due for release late spring this year.

In the meantime we have a number of private and other gigs round Scotland, whilst organising our touring schedule for later in the year, including a three weeks tour of Northern California.

All in all, great music, great people, old and new friends.

We hope to meet up with you along the way this year.

  Mar 01, 2014

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