Bellows-blown bagpipe from North East England which date back to the early eighteenth century. The modern instrument has seven keys and upwards on the chanter and four or more drones. The chanter has a closed end, combined with an unusual fingering style, each note is played by lifting only one finger or opening one key. The pipes can play in different major and minor keys. Similarly the drones can be tuned into different major and minor chords by the use of tuning beads on each drone. The sets we use have the recent innovation of an additional contra bass drone.Evans Northumbrian Smallpipes

The ‘F’ pipes we use were made by Richard and Anita Evans. Richard has been making and playing bellows pipes for over 35 years, and Anita specializes in reeds and bellows. They produce beautiful instruments and sets they have made are played throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South America and Japan.

We also use two unique sets of Northumbrian Pipes pitched lower in ‘D’ and ‘C’. These were made by the legendary Colin Ross from Whitley Bay, Newcastle Upon Tyne, in England, husband of the late great Scottish singer and sadly missed friend of ours Ray Fisher. Colin is a world famous pipemaker and musician who also had an additional key role in initiating the revival of Scottish Smallpipes.

  Jun 25, 2014