Aitken, Bridgegate Music

For Linsey’s inspirational polish Uncle Stephan with whom she spent many happy childhood hours playing the violin, ‘cello and piano together…a wonderful man and one of life’s true enthusiasts and a “Giver” big time! A funky little ‘cello number…

We have included the basic melodic line for you but feel free in the middle to break out and jazz it up as you will with a bit of musical free-fall …this was what usually happened when Linsey and Uncle Stephan got together…things would start out fairly straight forwardly but would quickly float away on a musical tangent (with fits of the giggles thrown in for good measure) and rarely ever brought back under control!

Have fun with this one!
Cello Solo:

The Giving Kind for Cello Solo

Treble Clef:

The Giving Kind for Treble Clef

  Jun 26, 2014