“Authentic and assured, warm and inspiring, Kith And Kin beautifully blends traditional and contemporary influences in a marvellous example of all that is best about Scots music and song, integrating myriad strands to produce memorable and well-crafted songs.  Two highly accomplished and polished musicians, with many years of experience, combine flawlessly, each seamlessly complimenting the others skills with beautiful harmonies provided by the other.  The melodic and sensual tones of the cello weave hypnotically throughout the album… an ideal fit for the songs”  ~  Living Tradition

“What an unexpected wonderful concert!   By the third song I couldn’t fathom how I might ever again listen to Guitar without Cello leading.  Linsey Aitken is a treasure in her use of the Cello, and the ‘melding’ they accomplish with their new compositions as well as traditional tunes.  Their show is filled with Scots culture, how it rubs off in their travels as a people, and the culture brought home from abroad. The information about the songs and tunes before each performance made this more like, old friends invited to a party in my living room.  These  performers show that Scots Celtic Music is still alive, not just a repeat of old tunes we’ve heard our life over. Live the new music, while living within the old traditions. Thank you for the preservation, as well as fresh new creations in your musical culture.”     ~  Don Quixote’s California USA

“Warm hearted and sufficed with a sense of people and place.  Seasoned vocals accompanied by brisk cello.. in contrast wistful, atmospheric, and straight from the heart.”  ~ Scotsman

 “A large number of original songs well worth getting to know, richly detailed instrumental backdrops, and some truly excellent musicianship to savour.   Good honest craftsmanship characterises Ken’s writing.  Linsey’s the star for me; not only is her singing exceptional and her cello playing superbly charismatic, but she’s also responsible for penning four contrasted instrumental compositions.  Gorgeous, atmosphere-laden, and there’ll ne’er be a dry eye in the house after that, I’m sure.”   ~ Fatea Magazine

“This pairing is rightly termed “contemporary Scots acoustic music at its best.” More lyrical than torrential, this beautifully measured album is centred around the duo’s native Scotland and each cut tells its own tale.”   ~  Folk North West

“Together they deliver an album of passion and honesty. Descriptive and meaningful songs and music – sit back, listen and enjoy.”  ~  Scottish Memories

Wonderful authentic Scottish music which takes you on a beautiful journey, haunting harmonies and lyrics. Fantastic CD, can’t stop listening to it!”  ~  Amazon USA
  Nov 17, 2014

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