‘Shore to Shore’


13 tracks of original songs and music

to be released 7th July 2018

We have just finished recording a new CD at Watercolour Music

in the Scottish Highlands.


and will have advance copies with us for our US West Coast tour Aril/May 2018.

This is our second CD as a duo, with a mixture of new songs and instrumentals,

many focusing on our Scottish connections around the world,

each with a story, and most of all about people and histories of the past and present.

Scotland is a small nation, but its people have a big heart,

and reach out beyond themselves worldwide.

Advance orders of CD’s/downloads with a complimentary free track at time of order

are available from us now on our website, and at

iTunes, Amazon UK, US and Digital, Spotify,  www.birnamcd.com 


Fortunately, people seem to really like what we do,

and ask what kind of music we perform.

The answer is not one genre or another, but a blending of

everyone and everything we have met along the way.

A coming together of both our musical journeys, combined into one together,

with elements of our respective musical backgrounds in

Celtic, Classical, Traditional, Contemporary Music and all else.

But most of all our music is about people,

and all those who have influenced us and inspired us along the way.

On this new CD we are joined by the very best musical companions and friends.

We also especially owe sincere thanks to Nick Turner, Mary Ann Kennedy, and Rycote

at the wonderful Watercolour Music for their enthusiasm, musical and technical skills,

and most of all for their encouragement and support yet again

in the creation of this CD album.

And of course equally we want to thank all the wonderful people around the world

who have supported us and our music along the way.”

We hope you enjoy them, take them, sing, play and share them yourselves.

Linsey & Ken

Loch Lomond Scotland, May 2018



  Mar 26, 2018

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