Saturday 7th July  2018

Millennium Hall Gartocharn, Loch Lomond

‘Shore to Shore’  CD Launch Concert 


We are now home after a great 4th Tour in California.
On Saturday 7th July we were joined by over 110 of our friends
for an evening of music and friendship,
to celebrate the launch of
 our new Album ‘Shore to Shore’.
We were joined on Stage by the guest musicians who played on the CD with us.
Jim Lightbody [bass & piano]
    Alasdair Robertson [accordion]  
 Stevie Lawrence [percussion]
and our granddaughter Ada Chau [piano]
The concert was a great success, and we would like to thank everyone. 
The new CD has been very well received, and subsequent to the Launch Concert
we have been doing a number of live radio broadcasts and interviews round Scotland by request. 
Photographs of the Launch Concert are now on the ‘Gallery’ page here. 

Boxfull of Treasures Festival, Italy

Next up we are delighted to be playing in Italy
on 8th September
at this wonderful festival
at Forli on the Adriatic coast. 

  Jul 27, 2018

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