Shore to Shore


13 tracks of original songs and music

Scotland is a small nation, but its people have a big heart,and reach out beyond themselves worldwide.

This is our second CD as a duo, with a mixture of new songs and instrumentals, many focussing on our Scottish connections around the world, each with a story, and most of all about people and histories of the past and present.

Fortunately, people seem to really like what we do, and ask what kind of music we perform. The answer is not one genre or another, but a blending of everyone and everything we have met along the way. A coming together of both our musical journeys, combined into one together, with elements of our respective musical backgrounds in Celtic, Classical, Traditional, Contemporary Music and all else.

But most of all our music is about people, and all those who have influenced us and inspired us along the way.

On this new CD we are joined by the very best musical companions and friends. We also especially owe sincere thanks to Nick Turner, Mary Ann Kennedy, and Rycote at the wonderful Watercolour Music in the Scottish Highlands for their enthusiasm, musical and technical skills, and most of all for their encouragement and support yet again in the creation of this CD album.

And equally we want to thank all the wonderful people around the world who have supported us and our music along the way.”

We hope you enjoy them, take them, sing, play and share them yourselves.

Linsey & Ken

Loch Lomond, Scotland

Bridgegate Music BMCD007

Linsey Aitken – vocals, ‘cello, ukulele
Ken Campbell – vocals, guitars, northumbrian pipes
Ada Chau – piano
Alasdair Robertson – accordion, backing vocals
Fiona Cuthill – recorder
Jim Lightbody – piano, bass, backing vocals
Nick Turner – backing vocals
Stevie Lawrence – percussion, mandolin


Production:   Nick Turner, Mary Ann Kennedy, Linsey Aitken, Ken Campbell

Engineering:  Nick Turner, Rycote [Assistant Engineer with the big furry ears !]

Recorded:  Watercolour Music, Ardgour, Scotland  (

Mastered :   Watercolour Music

Front Cover painting:  Keane, Barga, Italy

Photography:  Archie MacFarlane

Artwork/Design:  Archie MacFarlane 


Bridgegate Music

Loch Lomond


  • 1 Come On In 4.03 Lyrics

    Come On In - Lyrics

    Linsey Aitken, Bridgegate Music
    We co-wrote this one as an anthem for Scotland, a small country with a big heart, and it's welcome to people of all nationalities.

  • 2 So Far From Here 4.25 Lyrics

    So Far From Here - Lyrics

    Linsey Aitken, Bridgegate Music
    We wrote this together for all of our succeeding generations whom we will never know, and all those who have emigrated or moved far from family and the land of their birth and their future decendents.

  • 3 The Star 4.00 Lyrics

    The Star - Lyrics

    Alasdair Robertson/Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    Alasdair wrote this song for his friend George Lovell who emigrated from Scotland to Canada many years ago. Our thanks to Alasdair for allowing us to record it, and even better with him playing on it.

  • 4 Miss Mackie Frae Perth 3.51 Lyrics

    Miss Mackie Frae Perth - Lyrics

    Linsey Aitken, Bridgegate Music
    Written for Linsey's fabulous, unique and ecentric Grandmother 'Nana Banana'. Every family should have one like her!

  • 5 Orkney Isles to Hudson Bay 4.18 Lyrics

    Orkney Isles to Hudson Bay - Lyrics

    Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    Focussing on the huge connection between the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland and the early Canadian fur trade. This one grew out of trad words from 'A Dream of Kintail' by Curliana Dingwall 'The Celtic Monthly' 1904 !

  • 6 Adieu France 4.10 Lyrics

    Adieu France - Lyrics

    Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    A medieval French poem repudedly written by Mary Queen of Scots on her departure from France for Scotland 1561, set to a melody 'The Rain it Raineth Every Day' [very Scotland!] written at the time of Shakespeare

  • 7 Peoples Dreams 3.35 Lyrics

    Peoples Dreams - Lyrics

    Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    Bowling Harbour on River Clyde in 1990's was filed with an assortment of amazing old boats, being lovingly restored by a wondefully ecentic bunch of people dreaming of sailing to exotic places round the world. Sadly, all removed a few years later to smarten up the place.

  • 8 Da Aristo 3.34 Lyrics

    Da Aristo - Lyrics

    Linsey Aitken, Bridgegate Music
    Written by Linsey and dedicated to Giovani, Antonella, Lorenzo, Keane, The Aristodemos, and all the wonderful people who inhabit this wonderful little bar, the unofficial cultural centre of Barga, the most Scottish town in Tuscany, Italy.

  • 9 The Bonny Ship Balclutha 3.23 Lyrics

    The Bonny Ship Balclutha - Lyrics

    Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    In 2015 we were honoured to play a concert in San Francisco Bay on board the 92 metre steel hulled ‘Balclutha’ square rigger, built on the Clyde, Scotland in 1886. A US National Historic Landmark, and also known historically as "The Star of Alaska" the ship is world famous, but nobody had written a song about it, so we did.

  • 10 The Hills Are Clad in Purple 5.46 Lyrics

    The Hills Are Clad in Purple - Lyrics

    Trad / Linsey Aitken, Bridgegate Music
    One of Scotland's most beautiful traditional songs, with additional lyrics by Linsey.

  • 11 Clydeside 3.26 Lyrics

    Clydeside - Lyrics

    Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    Originally written by Ken's parents in 1940. 78 years later their Great Granddaughter Ada Chau plays piano on this track! The river Clyde flows through our original home city of Glasgow, which was world famous for shipbuilding, and still is for it's wonderful people, welcome and humour.

  • 12 See That Rainbow Shine 3.14 Lyrics

    See That Rainbow Shine - Lyrics

    Ritchie/Geordie Music/Arr. Linsey Aitken / K Campbell
    Written by the legendary Jean Ritchie from Kentucky. A joyous little song that crossed the Atlantic, and which we have been singing for years.

  • 13 One People One World 4.49 Lyrics

    One People One World - Lyrics

    Alasdair Robertson/Ken Campbell, Bridgegate Music
    Originally written by our musical companion Alasdair Robertson from the original Ideal Band, with additional verses by us. "Through every nation, throughout every land, one voice that speaks in many tongues. Every creed and colour, walking hand in hand, bringing hope to all where there is none."


Kith and Kin

Bridgegate Music BMCD006.   Information, lyrics, chords, and music for each track are on the Lyrics Page of this website. These songs and music are all about kith and kin, each with a story, a Scottish connection, and a tale to be told. We hope you enjoy them, take them and sing them. Linsey & Ken.

“Kith and Kin” – noun [plural]  ‘ones native land’  and  ‘friends/neighbours/family’

Linsey Aitken – vocals, ‘cello, piano.
Ken Campbell – vocals, guitars, northumbrian pipes, laud.

Guest Musicians:
Andy Shanks – guitar, dobro, backing vocals
Frank Lee – melodeons
Howard Booster – 5 string fiddles
Nick Turner – backing vocals
Stevie Lawrence – bouzouki, guitar, percussion

Front Cover painting ‘Tree of Life’ – Keane. Original Oil painting, depicting one of two hundred stone carvings that date back to Roman times which decorate the Bell Tower of the Duomo in the town of Barga in Tuscany’The most Scottish town in Italy’

Production – Nick Turner, Mary Ann Kennedy, Linsey Aitken, Ken Campbell
Engineering – Nick Turner
Recorded – Watercolour Music, Scotland/Mesa Recording, San Francisco
Mastered – Watercolour Music
Photography/Artwork/Design – Archie MacFarlane

Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell

Bridgegate Music BMEP002

Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band

Fellside FECD226

The Piper’s Maggot

Topic 12TS423

A Measure Of Freedom

Lismore LIFL7003

Going Solo

Fellside FE063