Tech spec

Stage Plan and PA Spec



Linsey Aitken :

Vox Mic on boom stand – Shure SM58 or similar

Cello —  DI box or Mic lead  =

Cello has an inbuilt Accusound MIC

Note – this is a MIC – NOT a pick up.  Therefore must mix as a mic, and turn EQ bass right down low on desk

High Stool – armless – similar to a bar stool


Ken Campbell :

Vox Mic on boom stand  – Shure SM58 or similar

Pipes – 2 Vox Mics on boom stands – Shure SM58 or similar.  NOT instrument mics please.

Two DI  – one for Acoustic 12 string Guitar, and one for Laud

Small table – at rear of stage


SOUND MIX   –   Key points :-

Cello  – bring it up front in the mix as a lead instrument 

Lead Vocals  – alternate between Linsey and Ken with the other providing backing harmony


Additional  –   If we intend to use  Harmonium/Piano/Ukulele/ in addition – we will advise additional spec in advance


If you wish to discuss anything beforehand… please call us at    +44 (0) 7808 173 483